What is Redes?


"Network for the Development of Social Enterprises" (REDES), is a strategic partnership for innovation KA2 Youth Program, which involves 7 different European countries: Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Greece and Portugal. The Project was born as an initiative aimed to strengthen the knowledge of young entrepreneurs in the field of social entrepreneurship, becoming them into actors of change for the creation of a: business network for the development of social enterprise.


REDES aims to contribute to innovation by concentrating the efforts of the young participants in training and being part of the creation of a business "Network", specifically designed to promote the development of the social enterprise. REDES will work in the virtual world but also in the physical world, within the offices of the project partners and / or support institutions that will be contacted for this purpose, facilitating access by the social entrepreneur to key information for their sector regarding: information about ES, business networking, association, access to financing, best practices, business library, training, mentoring, co-working, etc. The selected participants will be the creators of a business network receiving training support before and during the realization of it.


The innovation lies in the creation of a sectoral and transnational network, a reference for the social entrepreneur, designed by young entrepreneurs, whose threads will be intertwined by concentrating on a single point: contact database, continuous training, sector activities, financing, documentation of support, best practices, potential strategic partners, mentoring, etc. With REDES we support the innovation of young people and we make sure that it is taken as an example in the partner countries (best practices).




Aim and Objectives:


- Promote innovation in the creation of SE networks in the countries involved.

- Improve skills and knowledge in the field of social entrepreneurship.

- Increase the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.

- Create a tool for support, information and networking in social entrepreneurship.

- Strengthen linguistic, digital and intercultural skills.

- Develop strategic cooperation at the international level.


The project aims to involve 35 young entrepreneurs from 20 to 35 years old, coming from the 7 countries of the partnership (5 per country), united to create a business network as an innovative initiative. In this process, young people will interact by proposing actions for the development of SEs with a European vision. The network will operate both in virtual and physical environments.


The activities to be carried out, begins with national meetings with important business entities for the selection of social entrepreneurs. Subsequently, a cycle of 4 training activities begins, focused on training in S.E. In addition, it is planned to hold 3 transnational meetings between the partner members for the project coordination and implementation of the entire project. Two outputs will be created: a Guideline document for SE development (O1) and a video with the Best Practices by country (O2).


REDES focuses on promoting the development of SEs by strengthening synergies, links and entrepreneurial networks between individuals, organizations and institutions in the social economy sector, increasing the entrepreneurial culture and making more easy the research of funding. The project will also influence the job creation and economic development with social impact in the countries involved.

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